Customers & References  

Since the beginning in 1999 we have had more than 460,000 participants in Steg!. We arrange competitions within the private as well as the public sector all over the world in e.g. Norway, Finland, Belgium and the USA. Please contact us to find out how your workplace can become as satisfied as our other customers.

Satisfied customers

  AkzoNobel Deco International  

It is incredibly fun and we trigger each other!

  • - Cecilia Hedin, Communications Manager
  • AkzoNobel Deco International
  Tierp’s commune  

Close to 1.400 employees (83%) from Tierp Commune participated. Nearly everybody reached the desired average of 7000 steps a day. This is a huge success. It exceeded my wildest expectations.

– Per Nordenstam, Municipal Manager, Tierp Commune

  The Täby Centrum Doctor  

Everybody at our GP reception, where we daily see the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, were enthusiastic about the step competition. The competition was simulating without being a deterrent. Everybody has been reminded of the importance of staying in motion. It takes time to change behaviors. The step competition should be regularly repeated to achieve maximum health benefits.

  • - Lasse Holmström, Specialist of GP ,
  • The Täby Centrum Doctor

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