We engage all co-workers  

Steg! is an excellent way to raise awareness of the need for daily exercise and how much you move in your daily life. In our competitions we reach 85 % of the co-workers. Eighty-three % of these achieve our ”Feel good” level, i.e. sufficient daily activity according to Swedish doctors and the Swedish National Institute of Public Health .

Steg! is a fun activity that inspires all to move about more and at the same time strengthens the team spirit in the workplace. To many, the step competitions will be that “extra push” that is necessary to get started.

It also contributes to an increased commitment, cooperation and a heightened well-being in the workplace.

Economic studies show that one invested Swedish crown in preventive health care at companies gives five crowns back in the form of reduced sick leave and healthier employees. According to the Swedish MBA and health auditor Stefan Lundstrom, Steg! has since the start most likely saved at least 400 million Swedish crowns for workplaces solely in reduction of sick leave costs..

Steg! is a trademark of Select Wellness AB

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